Thinking Well

My journey toward living well started with an epiphany at age 151⁄2. It turned a new direction when my life took an unexpected detour from a debilitating illness. Everyone’s story is unique, but whatever brings you to the realization that you need to make a commitment to living well, you are here, reading this book. In my first book, “Living Green”, I open the first chapter with the Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” I’ve always found inspiration in that idea and it has helped give me the courage to tackle challenges that seemed monumental at the outset. And while this proverb is true enough, in reality, the journey begins with the decision to take the journey.

If you’ve decided to start living well, this book is for you. It can be a road map and instruction manual along the way. To get where you want to be, however, will take some work. Let’s face it, if the goals were easy to achieve you’d have done them already.